iStock_000020143640XLarge copyWhether you’re starting a vein practice or looking to add new skills to your current practice, Precision Vein & Vascular provides clinical support to help you enhance your office workflow and broaden your service offerings. Precision has the industry connections and service partners you’ll need to gain access to a wide variety of on-site training either for yourself or your clinical staff, including hands-on assistance with a variety of surgeries and procedures, as well as pertinent lab accreditations and credentialing.

Precision provides expert guidance and consulting for everything from the purchasing of medical equipment, to the ordering of medical supplies. We can even provide you with the necessary documentation forms you’ll need for various office functions, record keeping and patient consents. And you can count on Precision’s buying power to save you money on many of your supply purchases.

The following lists give you a sampling of some of the clinical assistance you can expect Precision and its partners to bring to the table:


On-Site Training for Physicians or Clinical Staff

  • RVT Credentialing (“Registered Vascular Technologist”)
  • Venous Ultrasound
  • Cutaneous Lasers
  • Visual Sclerotherapy
  • Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy
  • Endovenous Ablation
  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy
  • Patient Chart Documentation
  • Instrument Sterilization, including sterile surgical tray setup

Clinical Office Setup and Exam Room Organization

  • Medical Equipment Purchasing (exam tables, cabinets, lasers, ultrasound, etc.)
  • Medical Supplies Purchasing (instruments, compression stockings, etc.)
  • Medication Formularies, including the mixing Sclerosing agents and tumescent anesthetics

Clinical Forms

  • Templates for Ultrasound Reports
  • Patient Instructional Forms for pre-op and post-op procedures
  • Customized Chart Documentation (medical history, venous history, initial assessment, ultrasound mapping, treatment documentation forms, etc.)
  • Consent Forms

ICAVL Accreditation (“The Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories”)

  • Evaluation of Vascular Lab and recommendations
  • Technical Protocols for venous evaluation
  • Diagnostic Criteria including references
  • Assistance Completing and Submitting Applications
  • Case Study Collection and the Development of Correlation Logs
  • Report Writing (infection and quality control, quality assurance, etc.)