22ICD-10 coding will be a reality in 2015, but ICD-10 requirements are already impacting provider organizations, as the implementation planning for the transition is well under way. Since the new ICD-10 code set allows for more than 68,000 separate diagnosis codes, both clinical software systems and practice management software functionality must be addressed and updated to accommodate the transition to ICD-10.

Paper superbills will be nearly impossible to effectively utilize any longer, and the development of electronic superbill functionality for so many codes will be daunting, but necessary. And it is likely that many payers will have computer-related issues during the ICD-10 transition. So it will be imperative to be prepared for and then effectively manage these transitional issues in order to minimize disruption to the revenue cycle process.

Precision is highly experienced in revenue cycle management and understands the implications of the upcoming ICD-10 changes. Precision is likewise experienced in software programming, data management and software system formatting, on multiple software platforms, all of which will be come to bear and be useful in optimizing revenue cycle results for Precision’s clients that engage Precision to provide ICD-10 transition support.

To that end, please find below a link to Precision’s letter to clients announcing its ICD-10 Transition Program. Please let us know if we can help you as you prepare for the transition to ICD-10.

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Introducing Precision’s ICD-10 Transition Program